Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impossible to log SQL 2008 performance counters under Windows 2008 64 bit?

Here is some strange problem I’ve experienced (right now it seems to me as a bug in Windows 2008 64 bit):

I have an environment with Windows 2008 64 bit and SQL Enterprise 64 bit.

To begin with - it's possible to see SQL-related performance counters values only in perfmon opened from SysWow64 (i.e. 32 bit) - they are not present in 64-bit perfmon.

Now, if I open perfmon (32 bit) and add any SQL counters (e.g. SQL Latches) to the "Performance Monitor" section I can see that those values are updated "live" in perfmon graphs.

Yet, if I create a new Data Collector Set for the same values under Data Collector Sets -> User Defined - the values for SQL counters are not being stored in the created log file. If I add some other counters (e.g. Processor) they ARE saved.

Seems that this is some sort of bug/problem related to 64 bit…

There are some clues on this problem in two following articles:

but both do not help (for the first one – there is no such service anymore in Windows 2008…

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