Sunday, April 17, 2005

Restraining your stress at work

If your job requires long hours in front of computer, whether you're a hi-tech veteran covered by scars of past industry bubble or a callow novice making your first overwork hours - you've either faced the consequences already or are aware of them (being honest to yourself).
Glasses, stress, wrist pains - those are just harmless door bells ringing in front of invited guests - heart attacks, rheumatism, social and family problems.
While I can't order you a recipe to working day of eight hours (being working for something like eleven last months) - here are two RSI-antidote tips.

  • The first one is my favorite stress-reliever for the few last years - Aire Freshner. It's small tray-icon application that can play sounds giving you an atmosphere of various nature environments.

  • The second one is Workrave - it's must-have organizer/reminder for your stress-recovery activity during the workday.

Both are free (Aire is donationware) and useful like a water in Sahara Dezert…

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Random link - online workshop/tutorial on ASP.NET

Good online book covering work with ASP.NET:

ASPXtreme ASP.NET Web WorkShop

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Regular expression to find potential SEDOL's


This regular expression accepts SEDOL (Stock Exchange Daily Official List number, a code used by the London Stock Exchange to identify foreign stocks).
To be more exact - it accepts potential SEDOL's, since the last, 7th digit of a sedol is a kind of check-sum digit and this reg-ex doesn't check's its correctness. Also, despite following to the formal SEDOL definition - its first character should be a consonant character - there are actual sedol's with the first character, which is a number (e.g. 0067340 for BAA) and they are accepted by this reg-ex.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Useful resource for international meetings planning

If you need to setup a meeting for participants in multiple timezones - there is a useful resource at . It not only shows time differences between locations and converts local times to UTC but also visually represents daytime time-table, so that you can easily pick-up the most appropriate hour...