Monday, January 12, 2009

Top N Firefox Addons/Extension

Updated: 23/7/2009

First of all - why Top N? Well, it's just cause I'm completely fatigued by all those "Top 10..", "Top 50..", "Best everyday..." and similar that became ubiquitous in the blog space.

So here is just the list of FireFox addons that I found to be useful for myself and use on everyday basis.
I basically gonna use this post as a book-keeping entry to myself.

Here it goes:

  1. Adblock Plus - cleans out most of annoying ads from web pages you visiting. Supports update of cleaning rules set (check it in its options). Enables to create your own blocking rules for the stuff you don't want to see.

  2. BugMeNot - automatically login to forums and site, for which you were to lazy to pass tedious registration process using infamous site.

  3. Download Statusbar - see download status and manage your downloads from a tidy status bar, rather that using default download window.
  4. FoxyProxy - easy proxies management.

  5. Video Download Helper - instantaneously download videos displayed on a web-page you visit (e.g. YouTube).

  6. FlashGot - instantaneously integrate your favourite downloads manager with FireFox.

  7. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer - this one is especially cool. Synchronize your bookmarks between your computers (work/home/laptop/...). Don forget to set HTTPS as a default communication protocol in option to secure your information!

  8. Gmail Notifier - get notifications on new e-mails in your Gmail account, check mails and easily switch between few Gmail accounts.

  9. IE Tab - open sites in FireFox-hosted IE window by one click. Setup sites to be automatically opened in embedded IE tab.

  10. LinkedIn Companion for FireFox - manage you Linked In account and automatically get job insiders in your network for the site you've visited.

  11. NoScript- disable/enable JavaScript per site or globally for better security.

  12. PDF Download - whenever you click link to a PDF document - you may choose to either Save, Open or Open as HTML.

  13. Tab Mix Plus - improved tabs management + possibility to save sessions/lists of currently open tabs.

  14. Ghostery - show list of web trackers used by site you visiting.