Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fix DNKA 'invalid request' problem

It seems that every second post in DNKA discussion group shouts something like 'Getting "invalid request" on DNKA page. Not working!"
(If you don't know what DNKA is and how it could be usefull - read this post).
Well, the bad news is that the latest DNKA version (0.49.7) does not works with the newest GDS versions 5.x.x. The good news is that you still may get the last version of GDS that works with DNKA.
Here is how:
  1. Uninstall newer version of GDS if you have it installed.

  3. Download GDS v 4.2006.627 from here and install it.

  5. Optionally you may change place where your index files would reside - it's specified at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop => data_dir

  7. Install DNKA v 0.42 from here. Go to its installation directory and backup the ws2_32.dll file.

  9. Install DNKA v 0.49 from here above v 0.42. Replace the ws2_32.dll file with one you've saved aside during previous installation.

  11. (All DNKA releases could be found here).

  13. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

For me that not works, because the UNC Paths, which have to be indexed can't open after from remote. There is a message that this link is invalid.

Alex Pinsker said...

I believe it's something not related to the 'versioning' problem. Which message do you receive?

Anonymous said...

I folow you recomendation, but I blocked my host do a automatic update. I remove a proxy address and fix the automatic update from version 4 to 5. I think the version 4 is good, the version 5 have a inproves of gadgets, I don't need gadgets for my network search...
Thanks for you help.

Alex Pinsker said...

Hi Jorge, u r welcome :o)

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to prevent Google Desktop from updating automatically? It is cumbersome to have to follow this process every few weeks when Google desktop updates itself. Thanks

Alex Pinsker said...

You may try to disable connection of Google Desktop to desktop.google.com in personal firewall of your choice. Also - GD Enterprise has an option to disable updates (Block AutoUpdate) - look here.

Unknown said...

Unless GDS enterprise works with DNKA, what's the point?

otmezger said...

Hi, is there another posibility of a search server instead of gds+dnka?

dnka seems to be death, and i doesn't work with the newest gds versions.

any comments?

thank you

Anonymous said...

If I was to modify the registry key, what would I modify it to? I do not know where DNKA is trying to find the index.

Anonymous said...

can u help me out to find the correct compatible version of DNKA and GDS. i did exactly wat is mentioned on the blog but nothing seems to be working.

After i installed the DNKA server option doesnt seems to be working gives me a Invalid Request .
pls help me out with the exact steps.

im working on a linux platform on top of it im running the Virtual machine for Windows and im doing this task on windows.

Alex Pinsker said...

Sorry, I didn't dealt with it since the time this article was written (2008). If you'll manage to find out what the problem is - please let me know and I'll update the article.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Alex! Thank you for DNKA.

When opening the file I get:

Invalid Request
You requested a page that does not exist.
You may have reached this page by clicking on an invalid link or bookmark

The properties of this file:

The properties of the folder containing this file (the folder opens properly):

":" in the properties of file vs "E" (the right drive letter) in the properties of folder?

Anonymous said...

May also try to run other gds proxy programs:






Alex Pinsker said...

Thanks, really interesting list, I'll try it.