Monday, June 01, 2009

Comprehensive list of Debugger Visualizers for Visual Studio

Here is a comprehensive list of Debugger Visualizers for Visual Studio.
It's based on (sorted and merged) info from here, here and here and my own additions.

Here you go:

ASP.NET control graph visualizer -
ASP.NET Cache Visualizer -,guid,07cd8437-862e-45c6-b24e-3a286fce1b66.aspx
ASP.NET Control Visualizer -,guid,87d735a0-1592-4711-860f-8a1d29c9630f.aspx
ASP.NET Visualizers -
WebVisualizers -

Graphics & UI:
Bitmap Debugger Visualizer -
Graphics Debugger Visualizer -
ControlTree visualizer -

DataSource & Data:
Data Debugger Visualizer -
Debugger Visualizer for Visual Studio -
Mole Visualizer For All Project Types -
Righthand Dataset Debugger Visualizer -
XML Visualizer -
IEnumerable Visualizer -

DB Connection Visualizer -
LINQ Expressions DebuggerVisualizer -,guid,9160035f-490f-46bd-ab55-516b5c7545af.aspx
LINQ Expression Tree Visualizer- Look in VS 2008 Samples
LINQ to SQL Debug Visualizer -
LINQ Query Visualizer -
LINQ to SQL Visualizer -
LINQ to Entity Visualizer -

System & miscellanea:
CAB Visualization -
GUID Debugger Visualizer -
IL Visualizer -
Improving Visual C++ Debugging -
PowerShell Debug Visualizer -
Regular Expression Visualizers -
Sharepoint debug visualizer -
WindowsIdentity Debugger Visualizer -

WCF Visualizers Tool -

WPF Tree Debugger Visualizer -
DepO WPF Dependency Object Visualizer -
WPF Debugger Visualizer -
XAML Debugger Visualizer for WPF -
Snoop - a WPF Utility -

Xml Visualizer v.2 -
Lithium XML Debugger Visualizer -


Jarno Burger said...

excellent !

Raja Venkatesh said...

For those people who work with multiple databases (Linq) in VS2008 Linq to SQL debug visualizer will be missed for all non SQL databases. In such case you could find "RV's LInQ to Entity debug Visualizer" very handy. So i thought Linq to Entities visualizer at may also be in the above list.


Alex Pinsker said...

Thanks. Updated.

Jeremy Thomas said...

You may want to add my Enumerable Debugger Visualizer that displays any registered IEnumerable object in a datagridview.

Alex Pinsker said...

With pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

Another IList visualizer: